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The research also raised concerns friendships are changing, with evidence that since 1986 the number Girls Nike Trainers Black of teenagers with no best friends has increased from around one in eight to almost a fifth.

Experts who submitted evidence to the Good Childhood Inquiry warned of the importance of letting children have freedom to play and make friends.

´╗┐Adults scared to let children out to play with their friends

Bob Reitemeier, chief executive of The Children's Society, said: "Children have told us loud and clear that friendship matters and yet this is an area in which we appear to be failing them.

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The research on friendship, one of a series of topics being examined in the Good Childhood Inquiry, found friends were fundamental to childhood development.

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Adults scared to let children out to play with their friends, survey revealsBy Emily Beament

ensure that all children enjoy the good childhood they deserve, we must consider how society can support and encourage friendships."

Despite the anxieties research revealed childhood friendships were very important, with 69% of adults still in touch with at least one childhood pal.

for The Children's Society found 43% of adults think children should not be allowed out with their friends until 14 or over, even though most of them were allowed to play unsupervised from the age of 10 or younger when they were children.

The survey, which forms part of the charity's Good Childhood Inquiry, also found that 22% of over 60s thought children should be over 16 before going out on their own.

to spend time with them were central to having a good childhood.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And children told the inquiry having lots of friends and being able Nike Shoes For Women Black

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CHILDREN are not being given the freedom to play out unsupervised with their friends because of adult fears over their safety, a survey revealed yesterday.

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Girls Nike Trainers Black

Professor Judith Dunn, who is chairing the Good Childhood Inquiry, said: "If we are to Nike Pink Running Shoes

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Youngsters also said they were more likely to go to a friend (46%) than a parent (35%) if they had a problem, such as being bullied.

"As a society we are in a real quandary: on the one hand we want freedom for our children but on the other we are becoming increasingly frightened to let them out."

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