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odor control devices in restaurants that use intensive cooking equipment and are located near residential areas, the report outlines. Odor control has been a frequent concern of neighbors near restaurants, it adds.

move toward more flexible policy in the city.

Elliott framed the conversation in general terms regarding what he sees as inelastic city policy and its effect on business operators' ability to thrive.

West 66th Street and Lyndale Avenue, according to a city staff report. The policy requires the installation of Nike Mens Trainers Black

"When we've got businesses that are trying to improve, expand, renovate or otherwise trying to continue to operate in the city of Richfield there's no discussion or talk with the neighbors to see if there's alternatives so that some of our commercial endeavors can improve their product, expand their menu or otherwise compete with some of the new

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Councilmember Pat Elliott, whose ward includes the day care site, urged a Shoes Nike Women

But the adult day care, which Nike Black Shoes Women was approved for the Penn Avenue location last year but has since changed its food service plans from catering to in house cooking, only plans to cook with a commercial grade range for two hours per day, for a maximum of 29 people. A suitable device could cost around $15,000 for the location, Elliott noted.

You outlined her appeal during a Richfield City Council meeting Tuesday, July 8. The council responded by tabling a decision to accept or reject that appeal, pending a policy review.

´╗┐Adult day care tries to open

"We are a small business organization. It is hard for us to afford such (a) system. Does (the) city of Richfield want to encourage small businesses to flourish? Or (does it) want to suppress them?" You asked in a letter of appeal (parentheses added).

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City Manager Steve Devich raised his own concern, though, regarding the precedent that would be set by granting an exception for the adult day care. If a similar situation arises in the future, "you lose the ability to go out and do something about it," Devich warned.

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facilities that come in that are showing a huge amount of competition with people that have been there," Elliott said. "And I'm not trying to pick winners and losers, but the fight should be fair."

The operator of an adult day care attempting to open in Richfield says the city's policy on odor control is proving to be an obstacle.

A public hearing preceded the council's unanimous vote to table a decision on You's appeal. No neighbors raised concerns of potential odors.

"I have a serious concern about one size fits all, having a blanket requirement that scrubbers go in," Elliott said, referring to the installation of an odor control device.

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Yi Li You, executive director of the Chinese Social Service Center, has appealed a decision from city staff to require a costly suppression system that would keep food odors at an adult day care her organization hopes to open, at 6722 Penn Ave., from leaking into the surrounding neighborhood.

He also raised the concern about the city's ability to police the day care's kitchen usage or to make adjustments should kitchen usage at the day care change, since there is no mechanism in place for such actions. Plus, should the day care move and leave behind the range, there would be nothing to prevent a restaurant from moving into the space and using the kitchen for more intensive cooking, Community Development Director John Stark said.

Richfield instituted the odor control policy in 1986, when Champps Restaurant Bar opened near Nike Running Shoes Black And White Tumblr

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