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The main one that most of the boys get is angry SuperCoach or Dreamteam fans who have a crack at us if we haven scored well enough for them.

As players, we always looking to build our followers and there even used to be a little bit of friendly rivalry between players about who could get the most likes on a photo.

We can use it to leverage our own personal interests but we also know you can very easily bring about your undoing by putting up something controversial.

Most of the feedback from fans is positive and we know how much of a thrill it can be when we reply to one of their questions.

But there always going Nike Running Shoes Girls

may generously provide us with a few items and we show our thanks by pumping them up on social media.

Every year we get a briefing from our media manager Kevin Diggerson and our digital editor Tom Peeters about the best (and worst) ways to use social media.

Players are quite aware that social media can be very good for growing their own profile and brand.

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I find LeBron James is someone I keep an eye on during the NBA play offs and Tim Cahill will provide some pretty interesting stuff during the World Cup.

You can reply or retaliate, because that only adds fuel to the situation and will probably end up getting you into more trouble.

As tempting as it may be to write something cryptic about a bad result at the tribunal, we Nike Running Shoes Mens Sale

Nike Gold Shoes Womens

Nike Gold Shoes Womens

I don have as many followers as him so I rarely get any bad stuff, but when I do, I just laugh it off.

But social media has lots of positives.

I not much of a contributor in regards to posts or updates the best you get from me are a few pics of my dogs or maybe a little pic from a weekend away to let the world know what I been up to.

´╗┐AFL players must aim social media skills straight between posts

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Nike Gold Shoes Womens

Nike Gold Shoes Womens

Nike Gold Shoes Womens

There no doubt that social media, when used in the right way, is a positive thing for both the players and the fans.

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I was interested to hear Hawthorn Jordan Lewis on AFL360 this Nike Gold Shoes Womens week saying he pretty much cops something every week.

Sometimes a clothing company Nike Shoes Black Running

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to be a rogue element of supporters, especially given Twitter and Instagram provide fans with a direct channel to players without any filtering or moderation.

have to bite our tongue because at the end of the day, posting an angry update on the spur of the moment will only lead to problems.

Joel Selwood has a very strong Twitter following yet he is often the subject of many negative comments from opposition supporters for of his standing is an easy target for faceless keyboard warriors I guess.

The message is pretty clear: don say anything that is likely to bring the club or teammates into trouble.

From a player perspective, social media is a great way for us to provide fans with an insight that goes beyond what they see on the footy field.

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I find Twitter is a great place to keep track of what other people and sportsmen are doing in their lives.

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