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Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

´╗┐Aladdin's caves full of treasures on the corners of streets in city

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

His patented powder for tummy upsets and one for fevers were renowned by adults but dreaded by children!

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

window displaying tubes of Nestle's Medallion chocolates and tubes of Toblerone, both expensive in those days. She also stocked every kind of well known brand and type of chocolate you could mention, together with sweets for children.

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

First, I would walk past three houses to the top of the street, on to Stables Street. On the corner of Brough Street and Stables Street was Mr Budworth's shop. He sold high quality groceries and had one area of his shop as a pharmacy.

Next was Mr Sterry's news agency. He also sold sweets, chocolate, cigarettes, tobacco and fireworks.

There was a loose floorboard immediately inside the door and, under it, was the bell which warned the shopkeeper that someone had entered.

Their shop window was always a big attraction and a 1d batch bun for tea was a special treat.

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In Surrey Street was another magical shop an all confectionery store owned by Miss Kay. This was a very attractive shop for all ages with a sweet tooth.

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

Then there were the following around the corner into the lower half of Campion Street: Mr and Mrs Herod (greengrocers); Mr and Mrs Murfin (fish and chips and wet fish); and Mr and Mrs White (butchers). But we didn't actually pass any of them on the way to school.

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

There were always one or two beautiful boxes of chocolates on show on her shelves and a glass shelf hung in the shop Nike Trainers For Girls Black

This sold hardware, ironmongery, chinaware, toys and lots of other interesting things. It also stocked paraffin and, as Nike Trainers Pictures

I was born at 7 Brough Street and, when I was about four, my mother opened a little shop in our front room, which was very enterprising of her because we were smack opposite a very popular, thriving Derby Co op Society grocery and provisions shop.

Miss Kay stocked the very best in all kinds of sweets and chocolates.

Moving on, the next shop was Butcher Brown's general butcher. We were now in the upper part of Campion Street and, across the road, next to the Methodist chapel, was George Williamson's bakery (not to be confused with WH Williamson, of Franchise Street).

soon as you entered through the door, the fumes hit your nostrils.

Across Richardson Street, at the far corner of Surrey Street, was a Derby Co op Society grocery shop but, on the near corner, there was a much more interesting shop.

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

Last but not least was a toy shop on the corner of Frederick Street. We all used to call it the "posh woman's shop" because we didn't know the shopkeeper's name and she was always snappy with us schoolchildren.

Readers may be interested in all the little shops which used to exist around the area where I lived, so here are the ones which I had to pass on my way to and from home to Ashbourne Road School from 1930 36.

She began with sweets and chocolate, also cigarettes and tobacco. But, in due course, she added more and more things to the stock.

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

Down then to the bottom corner with Richardson Street, where the corner shop was an off licence. They stocked general provisions together with the licensed stock.

Reading people's memories about corner shops and tight knit communities of days gone by prompted Joyce Baugh, of Barrow on Trent, to share some of her own recollections.

Next I passed St Barnabas Post Office. This was kept by Mrs Farndon. She had a post office counter clerk to help her and they stocked all manner of stationery, as was the custom, plus knitting wools, embroidery materials, haberdashery, stockings, men's socks, pinafores and some hand knitted garments which the counter clerk had made.

Now to the top of Handiford Street, where Mr Knight kept yet another sweet shop, mostly selling children's sweets.

This little shop became very popular, especially when, on hot summer days, she made ice cream for sale.

don't know for what reason she decided to close the shop, which would have been when I was 10, I think.

He would advise people on medication and, on request, he would make a mixture as a help to cure minor ailments.

Moving on again, I would pass a gents' hairdresser with a barber's pole and, across the other side, a shoe repairer.

I WONDER how many people feel as I do that we lost a great deal of British character and tradition when we allowed ourselves to drift away from the little local shops and Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes turned to shopping in big supermarkets.

Nike Pink And Black Running Shoes

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