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A film, which features an appeal for help, along with clips of random acts of kindness by members of the public, was created to be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

"But then I thought it seemed much more serious than that," added Mr Burrows.

"I can't believe it has come about because he was not the sort of lad for that to happen to.

Speaking about the news, he said: "It's truly heartbreaking. It's horrible.

of Victory Road, Allenton, said on the night: "I cycle in this area quite often and I am very shocked by what I've seen.

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"As friends, we're very upset but although it's going to be very hard, Nadish would want us to keep our spirits up."

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"I was in absolute disbelief. It was very hard to hear. This news gives you a totally different perspective on life.

"If the video can still trigger something Nike Running Shoes Blue And Black

´╗┐agony and despair as friends and family wait for police confirmation of death

The 18 year old from Church Broughton, said: "I was sitting at home watching TV when a Facebook message popped up saying the police believed they'd found Nadish in the river.

be great.

Derby County had been at home to Bournemouth.

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Another college friend, Nike Red And Black Running Shoes Dominic Dietrich, demanded answers.

Chris Burrows, 37, Nike Running Shoes Kaishi

"Nadish would want us to live happy lives and carry on. He was that sort of person.

"He would want us to remain positive."

"He was a really nice lad and he was friendly to everyone. He wouldn't argue with a soul."

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After the body was found, police thanked everyone involved in the search for Nadish.

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There was heavy police activity in the area, including three patrol cars and two vans parked outside the offices of the Derby Telegraph in Meadow Road. Police also cordoned off part of the area.

for other missing people to be found, then that would Nike Women Running Shoes Neon

"When I saw all the police cars, I thought something might have happened at the football match."

Nadish was last seen by his family on January 31 at his Normanton home. He said he had planned to go out in Derby.

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She said: "The Derby public have been brilliant in trying to raise awareness and for trying to find him.

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Verity, who lost another close friend last year, also paid tribute.

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Friend Ash Stanley, from Artifex Studios, in Shaftesbury Street, Derby, made the appeal video.

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