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Tyson response? has a plan they get punched in the face.

Armagh took aggression and physicality into Saturday match and it made for an entirely entertaining match. Repeatedly, players from both teams, when gaining possession were met with strong, tough challenges.

The first was the introduction of Rory Kavanagh to bolster midfield which created an almost complete dominance of this sector for the last 25 minutes. Armagh were unable to quell Donegal superiority despite the introduction of Kieran Toner, who was returning from injury, late in the game.

Tactically Jimmy got it wrong in this period. Christy Toye was left on Aaron Kernan and was found wanting time and time again.

´╗┐Aggression and physicality make a welcome and long overdue return

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Kernan was able to pick Nike Red Shoes Men holes in the Donegal defence and switched play creatively from one side of the field to the other to stretch the opposition defence.

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A nice example of strategic thinking by Jimmy.

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One of Jimmy McGuinness strengths has been his ability to pinpoint key personnel on the Nike Running Shoes Black And Green

A reporter once said to Mike Tyson: hear your opponent has a clever plan for defending your left hook.

freedom to leave full forward and give his team some badly needed direction. Unfortunately for Armagh, Vernon followed Murphy into an area of play where he has been less familiar of late. Murphy excelled in this role, taking the game by the scruff and creating momentum for Donegal.

To his credit, McGuinness made tactical changes during the second half which won this match.

Donegal now advance to face the toughest test in their history. They do this knowing that Karl Lacey (fitness), Christy Toye (longevity), Patrick McBrearty (shot selection) and Colm McFadden (first touch) all have serious questions over their form. Jimmy McGuinness has got the scare he needs from Armagh and will thrive knowing people doubt his team. This is when he will get the best from them.

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Against Monaghan, Jimmy knew Vincent Corey would be assigned the task of marking Michael Murphy. Murphy spent his time in defence and when going forward he attacked down the flanks. Corey followed him, as was his instruction and so left the centre wide open and exposed to repeated attack from Ryan McHugh and company.

Against Derry, for example, Jimmy used Karl Lacey to man mark Mark Lynch, their talisman. Lynch was anonymous and once Fergal Doherty got injured Donegal coasted home.

Murphy was quiet by his high standards, McHugh was man of the match but Donegal coasted home.

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championship when Armagh were pitted against Donegal on Saturday.

Donegal inability to deal with the roving Tony Kernan was almost their undoing.

opposition to expose. In nutshell it is to attack the opposition strengths instead of exposing their weaknesses.

Imagine Brian Mullins without aggression and physicality? He be more suited to playing for Cork today than Dublin in the bigger. What about American football or Australian Rules without aggression and physicality? How about Gaelic football? Barely conceivable? Sadly this is what Gaelic Football is in danger of becoming. Aggression and physicality made their first appearance in the 2014 football Nike Running Shoes On Sale

This unsettled the Donegal plan and the Ulster champions nearly lost this match.

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These important traits have been sadly missing thus far and remain a key element to any contact sport.

The problem for Jimmy against Armagh was in identifying the leaders. This was a problem created by Armagh evolving over a short period of time and an Armagh team which was constantly changing. For the opening period Armagh dominated and but for a fortuitous Donegal goal would have been comfortably in front at the interval.

Armagh supporters will be very happy with the progress made and in particular the displays throughout the year of Andy Mallon, Kevin Dyas, Tony Kernan and Stefan Campbell.

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The second was allowing Michael Murphy the Nike Womens Running Shoes Amazon

In addition deploying Michael Murphy at full forward simply wasn working due to a mixture of poor distribution and the physical presence of Charlie Vernon, who was excellent when playing from the square.

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