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Nike Running Shoes Green And Black

However, the union said the company has jumped the gun by introducing rosters to which it has not agreed.

IMPACT assistant general secretary Christina Carney said management now had 14 days to contact the union with any concerns it might have over the reversion to the old shifts.

´╗┐Aer Lingus preparing for possible strike

"We will be detailing with our members precisely how this will be implemented," she said. "One example will be if someone does double London (a shift involving two return flights from Dublin to London) that they will take a 30 minute break.

From August 25, the cabin crew members of IMPACT trade union, in a form of industrial action, are to revert to rosters which they worked to until the end of June. That means they will ignore new rosters introduced by the company since then.

Nike Running Shoes Green And Black

And he also rejected criticisms that the airline had jumped the gun by introducing the new rosters, saying the move was measured and gradual and that the airline had Nike Shoes For Women High Tops Black And White

Nike Running Shoes Green And Black

AER LINGUS has admitted it is making preparations for disruptive strikes in spite of further assurances by cabin crew that they will not ground the airline unless provoked by management.

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Nevertheless, Aer Lingus director of staff relations Sean Murphy told RT that management was developing contingency plans to deal with every eventuality and was taking the notice of industrial action up to and including full strike very seriously.

The union has given little detail on what Nike Running Shoes Green And Black reverting to the old rosters on August 25 will actually entail. One move almost certain to feature is the resumption of members taking a meal break during the shift.

the Labour Relations Commission.

He rejected claims that staff would not get meal breaks under the new rosters but added cabin crew would have to manage the meal breaks more efficiently.

schedules in and out of Ireland and this situation will not change unless the company decides to escalate by taking disciplinary action. The fact we have given 14 days' notice gives the company, if it wishes, the opportunity to find a solution. We don't believe flights will be affected."

"If they go to Paris and Amsterdam in the one day, at the outstation they will have a 30 minute break free of all duty."

Nike Running Shoes Green And Black

Nike Running Shoes Green And Black

The company and cabin crew have agreed that, to boost productivity, flight hours need to be increased to 850. However, the method by which that figure will be reached has been the subject of dispute resolution for the last two months.

She reiterated that what the union was planning was not a strike.

LRC chairman Kieran Mulvey, who is acting as mediator, is to make a binding recommendation on the two sides by the end of the month.

"We do not believe the action will have any impact on flight Nike Red Trainers

The union claims the new rosters have been introduced in contravention of an agreement the two sides have brokered under the auspices of Men Nike Sneakers

Nike Running Shoes Green And Black

Senior cabin crew member Zita Wall gave details of the impact the loss of that break is having on her, saying she was working up to 10 hours without a break.

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Nike Running Shoes Green And Black

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