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"Regularly watch BBC1, 2 Never watch anything on BBC3. I won't miss it one bit."

Kirstie Tancock, whose battle with Cystic Fibrosis was aired on BBC3 show 'Love on the transplant list' as well as on ' Russell Howard's good news' , has strong opinions on BBC3's departure. She describes her appearance on the channel as 'life changing' She said:

"Yeah it's moving online but I won't bother watching it on there!!"

However, it would appear that here in The South West we are divided, with even some local BBC3 stars unsure if the closure is for the best.

´╗┐The Exeter DailyRIP BBC3

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Nike Running Shoes Just Do It

Nike Running Shoes Just Do It

Nike Running Shoes Just Do It

will lose viewers if it moves online. She said:

the BBC3's format will save them 50 million pounds a year and also enable them to put more money behind drama programmes on BBC1.

"My documentary gave me the chance to tell my story and raise awareness of organ donation and cystic fibrosis, being on BBC3 it targeted a young audience who could connect with my story. Living with cystic fibrosis I know I won't live a normal life expectancy but the documentary is my legacy to the world. Hopefully it will sign people up to the organ donor register and save other young people's lives.

The BBC claim this change to Nike Running Shoes Green

Nike Running Shoes Just Do It

Laura Kirby agrees that the channel Nike Running Shoes Neon Green

Local Glyn Sexton also doesn't see the BBC's proposals to be a problem. He tweeted:

However, not all South West residents are as eager to see the TV channel move to the internet.

Joey, whose hard line approach to management kept BBC3 viewers hooked, also believes that BBC3 programmes could actually get more publicity as opposed to less, if they make the move to online. He said:

you have watched with friends."

Although the idea of the BBC3 Channel being a 'young person's channel' has often been seen as a negative, many younger audiences feel it is vital the BBC continue to appeal to them. Kelsey Carpenter said:

"Easily the worst channel ever put on air!"

Joey, who recently featured on BBC3's two part documentary 'Who needs Ibiza The Great British Holiday', believes the BBC are just moving with the times, and that they are right to do so. He said:

Raising awareness of life threatening conditions and appealing to a younger generation are not the only FORs that have been put on BBC3's list. A TV show is a huge platform as opposed to an online one."

The proposals have caused a public outcry. Petitions have been set up to stop the closure, with celebrities such as David Walliams (whose show Little Britain began on the channel) even backing the campaign.

"BBC will lose a range of young adults watching their broadcasts if they lose Nike Running Shoes Just Do It BBC3, It's their only channels that caters for us. It's more convenient on TV, plus it's on a range of services such as SKY, Virgin Media, Freeview and more! Plus the shows are good and I'd rather watch them on BBC3, due to no adverts!"

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If the proposals are accepted by the BBC Trust BBC3, which is home to popular shows such as Don't Tell the Bride and Russell Howard's Good News, will become an online only service.

"I don't think the audience would be as great and the ability to reach so many young people would fade." "I'm against BBC3 moving online, I love BBC3. I see it as a young person's channel, it faces some great controversial, political and health topics and educates the younger audience about them. Why should the channel be pushed on line, yes we all have the ability to go online these days but it's just not the same as sitting in front of your nice TV relaxing and watching the channel."

"The shows don't necessarily have to differ, in fact moving it to online, it's easier to share what Nike Trainers Sale

"I think eventually it makes sense to move content away from traditional infrastructure and move online, in a day when we are always connected to the web, the shows can go with us."

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