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Nike Running Shoes Lunar

term commitments."

AUGUSTA, Ga. It is an effort to increase the number of graduates with math, science, technology and engineering degrees. The company Automatic Data Processing, or ADP is helping local college students ease the pressure of their school bills. The three year partnership will benefit some students who are pursing degrees in science, technology, engineering and math.

A 600 thousand dollar grant is being given to Augusta State, Nike Running Shoes Lunar Augusta Tech and Paine College students over a three year partnership with ADP. The money is aimed at helping students continue to excel in "STEM" which stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The ADP educational partners for success grant provides the money to increase the number of graduates in those area. Because of the scholarships many will get their degrees.

"We're able to offer scholarships to 31 students in the fields of science math and related fields and that's an incredible form of enrichment for this community," said Dr. William Bloodworth. "It helps those students do better, it will promote the studies in those fields and it will make this community a better place," he added.

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with colleges in Texas in a similar partnership that has been successful as well.

Nike Running Shoes Lunar

Augusta Tech's Robert Smith plans to get more out the opportunity than just a scholarship.

all three colleges were on hand. Augusta State University's Dr William Bloodworth says there's a bigger picture than just the money. He said it is about building stronger relationships.

Nike Running Shoes Lunar

Nike Running Shoes Lunar

Ken Stephenson from ASU has a wife and family.

Sitting in one room is thirty one of the brightest college students in Augusta. Chenoa Murray Ken Stephenson and Robert Smith. All from different walks of life all from different colleges. But they have an important thing in common.

"one of my top three companies that I would love to work for is ADP," said Smith. "I hear that they treat their employees with a great amount of respect and I"m really looking for a company where I can have the benefits and the long Nike Trainers White Mens

On Wednesday night at the Scholar Recognition Program, representatives from Nike Blue Shoes Mens

´╗┐ADP gifts over a half a million dollars in scholarships to three local colleges

"One of my favorite scriptures out of the bible is Romans 8:28 which says for all things work good together for the love of God and are called according to his purpose, everything will work out for your good."

"I think education is crucial," says Steve Penrose. "We donated 600 thousand dollars over a three year period to be shared by the colleges."

"Never stop trying because where there's a will there's a way," said Stephenson."You got a lot of good companies out there that will help and ADP is definitely at the top of the list right now."

Some of the students who were recipients of the grant money spoke about the opportunities they will now have because of the money.

Nike Running Shoes Lunar

Nike Running Shoes Lunar

"We're very proud of our students but we're very proud of our relationship with ADP and the relationship we've forged with the other colleges," said Elam.

ADP has partnered with other colleges in the past and given out grant money. They have worked Nike Running Shoes Black And White Womens

Paine College Senior Chenoa Murray sums it all up.

Nike Running Shoes Lunar

Nike Running Shoes Lunar

Automatic Data Processing Senior VP Steve Penrose is in Augusta to help with local college students financially with their education. APD is giving the money to be spread among Augusta's three colleges.

"We have ADP scholars that are really ready to eagerly get out and take their education and experience and showcase it to the youth in our community," said Brandon Brown. "This partnership is at the fabric of what we're supposed to be doing as institutions of higher education.

Augusta Tech President Terry Elam and Paine College Vice President Brandon Brown are also proud of their students and the renewed community relationship.

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Nike Running Shoes Lunar

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