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Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

The survey, by the Association of Accounting Technicians, revealed that 23% of young people take their next career or education step purely because their parents told them to.


Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

In recent years there has been a welcome focus put on stressing and increasing the opportunities of Nike Men Shoes Running 2018

It is good that youngsters are prepared to listen to their parents but nevertheless startling and worrying that they are perhaps not standing on their own feet and exercising their own judgment on what is best for them.

For the very brightest pupils it is usually an uncomplicated course top grades in their A levels and then on to the university of their choice.

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

And the likes of the University of Derby and Derby College really strive to produce courses which are tailored to preparing students for the workplace.

It may still work out for them, though that will be more by luck than by judgment.

Just as troubling is that one in six of those surveyed admit they merely "do the same as their friends" and drift into a job or training.

A survey of young people in the Midlands revealed that a massive 85% of them felt they needed more advice than they got from their school or college on their future options.

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

Perhaps the most alarming story to emerge in the world of education this week was nothing to do with A levels but rather to do with what goes on in the years running up to them and to GCSEs.

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

The suggestion must be that all or most of the school focus is going on attaining impressive exam results, with the result that insufficient time is spent on mapping out alternative Nike Running Shoes Latest Model

Above all, they Nike Shoes Women Casual

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

should not be left with a feeling that they are second division if they have not Nike Running Shoes Men 2017 raked in a healthy crop of A and A grades.

´╗┐Alarming that pupils feel careers help is inadequate

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

It is the less blessed whose potential needs to be explored and developed too.

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

future career paths for their young charges.

Nike Running Shoes Men 2017

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