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Nike Running Shoes No Laces

The camera pans around the pool and we see the dignitaries arriving. They take their places on a row of chairs that have been set up along a red carpet at the edge of the pool.

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Nike Running Shoes No Laces

Nike Running Shoes No Laces

The camera then moves back into the crowd and we see the arrival of the Duke of Edinburgh.

A series of races and demonstrations begin, including scuba diving and a poolside rescue display.

To the left of this is the Alfreton War Memorial.

There is a short speech by British Olympic team diver Brian Phelps, who then dives into the pool. The mayor and another man then also make brief speeches.

He is escorted around the pool and introduced to Girls Nike Trainers

Nike Running Shoes No Laces

Nike Running Shoes No Laces

Nike Running Shoes No Laces

´╗┐Alfreton got in the swim in Swinging Nike Mens Trainers White

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After a close up shot of the dignitaries, the camera moves its lens upwards to the high board where there is a display of a series of dives, including twists, back flips, somersaults and a double dive, all captured by Mr Alvey in slow motion.

Alfreton Development Association. weekly in Prizes (Approximately). Come in and have a lucky dip. 1/ ".

First we see the pool itself, with its tall diving board. Neat lawns and grassy banks surround the pool, flowerpots line the walkways and green trees border the walls.

As the speeches begin, a gust of wind strikes up and some of the flowerpots that line the walls are suddenly blown over.

Next, there is a swimsuit fashion show; the models sashay down the poolside dressed in a variety of leisure wear ranging from olive green bikinis to white stilettos and striped sun hats.

on to brief shots of the town's High Street, where Mr Alvey captures pictures of a corner shop called A E Llewelyn Ltd. The bunting covered street and shop fronts are draped in Union flags.

There is a police officer standing at the top of King Street diverting traffic outside the George Hotel, followed by a shot of a large banner hung across Church Street welcoming Prince Philip.

There is a slow motion shot Nike Running Shoes No Laces of the Duke walking towards the camera, in which he removes his sunglasses and places them in his jacket pocket.

Sixties as Prince Philip opened lido

the various dignitaries before taking his place on the red carpet next to the mayor.

The camera then follows a group of dignitaries inside the lido.

We then move Nike Running Shoes Price

Nike Running Shoes No Laces

He then pulls the starting pistol for the next race.

The lido is then in full swing as it opens to the public. The lawns are scattered with towels and picnics and the pool is filled with swimmers, loungers and divers.

Nike Running Shoes No Laces

Nike Running Shoes No Laces

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