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The AFL current trend of spreading over as many days as possible, doesn show any regard for how real people manage their families and their lives. Times are inconsistent, often illogical and too often test your commitment to the game over other aspects of your life. When the league throws down the gauntlet with the attitude that if fans want to go to games, they find a way to make the ever changing fixture work for them, it is an arrogant bargain that jeopardises the game long term viability at its very heart its fans.

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While confusion over variable ticket prices and the always climbing costs of food and drink has dominated fans gripes this season, Cats CEO Brian Cook rightly brought the fixturing farce into the public arena earlier this week.

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Cook claim the Cats were hurting financially by the league fixturing of home games on times and days that were not conducive to fans from outside Geelong, is reflective of the experiences football loving families face on a regular basis.

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Nike Running Shoes Violet

Football became an institution on the back of Saturday afternoon games leaving time to fulfil sporting commitments Nike Running Shoes Violet in the morning and keeping Sunday free for other pursuits. The familiarity of regularity meant going to the footy became part of the weekly routine for many families who knew to always keep the hours between 2 Nike Trainers Black And Grey

And if the AFL is Nike Shoes Women Tumblr

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And any time not going to the football becomes the family friendly option, the AFL has something to worry about.

´╗┐AFL needs to fix the fixture or risk disengaging young fans and families

Thursday nights, Sunday twilights and Monday night clashes the once weekly escape to the football has suddenly become too Nike Trainers Sale Ladies

Some of the fixturing and broadcast decisions that have infected season 2014 have been made without any consideration for the very generation of fans the league needs to ensure its long term viability.

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With attendances on the wane and the ever present threat of opposition codes vying for young fans attention, the league should be bending over backwards to appease families.

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scheduling these midweek fixtures primarily for TV audiences, then someone forgot to tell the broadcasters.

Cats fans have also been on the raw end of this with Geelong season opener played on a Thursday night and not screened free to air. And young Geelong fans would be begging for their parents to subscribe to Foxtel after the Cats two interstate games so far this season, against Port Adelaide and Brisbane, couldn land a free to air spot.

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More family friendly timeslots, the dumping of midweek games and greater free to air coverage for interstate and indeed overseas games are imperative to ensure young people are exposed to top level football every week.

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difficult. By the time parents factor in travel time, where to procure a decent meal and what time their kids will actually hit the pillow on a school night, it seems easier just to forget the trek altogether.

Many have been left gobsmacked by the decision to fixture a Monday night clash this round when there is no Saturday afternoon game. But the real twist of the knife for fans is that Monday game is not even going to be aired on free to air TV. The only choice Carlton and St Kilda fans have if they want to see their team is to get pay TV, fork out $5 a week for the AFL official app or make the trek out to the match on an inconvenient Monday night.

and 5pm free for footy.

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