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She will be joined by two colleagues: Johanna Olsson, an Animal Science student from Berkshire, and Sam White, an animal welfare campaigner from Essex.

They are part of a farmers' co operative, which supplies chicken meat to superstores across the UK.

our free range chickens."

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"It's important that Nike Running Trainers Boys consumers can accurately and easily identify the farm system used Nike Blue And Orange Trainers

´╗┐The Exeter DailyRosa calls for honest poultry meat labelling

In 2012, the European Commission promised consumers better information about farm animal welfare. Mandatory labelling of poultry meat would deliver this, and requires just one simple rule change.

'Rosa' is calling for clear, mandatory method of production labelling of poultry meat.

Tamsin's family farms in Devon and their 22,000 strong free range broiler flock is RSPCA Freedom Food assured.

Ms French said: "Method of production labelling already exists for shell eggs. It means consumers can tell which farm system was used to produce the eggs they buy and has been an important factor in driving the dramatic increase in the number of cage free egg laying hens across Europe.

labels in the EU use confusing language and images that suggest animals are kept in extensive, spacious, 'natural' conditions even when the animals have been reared in standard intensive systems. Mandatory labelling will help ensure a level playing field for higher welfare producers.

Thirty nine days is the average lifespan of an intensively farmed meat chicken. Around 90% of meat chickens reared in the EU are from intensive indoor systems. These chickens have little or no opportunity to display natural behaviours.

to rear their chicken meat. The labelling term 'free range' accurately reflects the life of Nike Trainers Blue

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Nike Running Trainers Boys

Nike Running Trainers Boys

Tamsin said: "Our free range chickens live for fifty six days, and from the moment they're old enough to go outside they can range through tree covered, landscaped fields where they can express natural habitual behaviour.

"The European Commission has recognised that mandatory labelling has also given producers the opportunity to differentiate on price and earn a better, fairer living. I want to see this type of labelling extended to chicken meat because clear, comparable, point of sale information is very important if higher welfare markets to grow."

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The European Commission is reviewing poultry meat labelling this summer 'Rosa' wants them to deliver honest, mandatory labelling for European consumers. Research shows that Rosa's mission is supported by most people in Europe. Eight out of 10 European Union consumers support mandatory method of production labelling of poultry meat.

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