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Some ranchers in western South Dakota have reported losing 50 percent or more of their herd.

"Normally when we get these snow storms, you always have some livestock loss, but I was dismayed to hear about and then to see pictures of them and then see myself with my own eyes the large group of animals," Governor Daugaard said.

"There are a lot of animals out there and I know the state is working very hard with rendering companies to get folks in there to dispose of these animals, but I realized flying over it of the enormous economic loss that a lot of these producers are going to experience," Senator John Thune said.

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who are thinking about them and care about them as people," Daugaard said.

State officials estimate at least 10,000 to 20,000 head of livestock died, but that estimate will likely rise as more information is gathered.

There are so many, the dead cattle are being Nike Running Shoes Maroon

Governor Dennis Daugaard and Senator John Thune flew over the still snow covered areas by helicopter assessing the blizzard damage and livestock losses.

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That storm left more than 30,000 people without power and killed tens of thousands Nike Shoes For Women Black of livestock. Today, government leaders took an aerial tour of the areas hardest hit.

The state congressional delegation has vowed to push for quick passage of the stalled farm bill, because it the best way to provide financial help to ranchers, who likely won know the extent of their losses for days to come.

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´╗┐Aerial Tour Of Western South Dakota

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The forecast doesn look good for western South Dakota, an area that was hammered by a record snow storm last weekend.

The mud covered carcasses are hard to look at.

local producers not to let their fatigue and emotional stress cause them to lose hope, there a lot of people Nike Trainers Black And Pink

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hauled away by the semi truck loads.

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