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´╗┐Alan Doyle branches out with first solo album

thought that only happened to people from the mainland, Doyle recalled. was the coolest day of my life. it roughly 19 years later and Great Big Sea has issued 11 albums since its blue hued debut, so Doyle has rarely felt that same indescribable kick he had that day.

of the fishing town where Doyle grew up. He remembers countless days spent on that bridge, waiting for a schoolbus or thumbing a ride to St. John of what else there was. It seemed a fitting reference for an album characterized by kind of the opposite of nostalgia, I suppose, mused Doyle. lot of that reflected in the songs. I guess you could call it some kind of undying curiosity about how other people do stuff I can help it. the further Doyle strayed, the more he realized how bound he was to his style.

many ways, this record is about firsts " it about doing stuff that I never done before, Doyle said.

opera song or something " (but) I can only really write what true to me. And that probably a good thing. might come as a comfort to Great Big Sea fans that, in fact, some things don change.

He explores straightahead rock ( Seen a Little and the Way country ( the Nightingale Sings and it Slow and piano ditties ( While Love Awake and Rules Will All Be Broken, which he envisioned as a Waits y torch ballad The record closes with I Belong, an upbeat track that features only Doyle unique voice, unfettered by instrumental accompaniment.

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TORONTO Alan Doyle remembers with uncommon clarity the first time he held a Great Big Sea album in his hands.

really wanted to go live in other people music worlds. Let go do Nike Shoes Sale Womens it someone else way for a change. change was exactly what Doyle was after, recording the restlessly eclectic on Bridge in a diverse range of locations. studio of Mike Post " the multiple Grammy and Emmy winner who composed the themes to Order, Rockford Files, Law and Street Blues " and with Gordie Sampson in Nashville.

at that " I got my own record, he marvels, sipping a coffee on a sunny Toronto patio. realize I should be above it. But I can help it.

The roving recording ethos seems especially fitting for an album of departures, on which Doyle strays far from the jaunty Celtic and folk inflected pub singalongs he known for in his other band.

The bridge in the album title sits in the middle Nike Trainers New Releases

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Doyle, who would seem to have as many connections as a discount intercontinental flight, also collaborated with actor Russell Crowe, Blue Rodeo frontman Jim Cuddy and Regina guitarist Nike Running Shoes No Laces

Colin James on the album.

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just supporting our own musical and artistic lives together, he said. didn get in Great Big Sea to have the biggest song of the summer we got into Great Big Sea to have a lifetime playing music, and that never changed. That never wavered.

Until this week, that is, when Doyle solo debut, on Bridge, hit stores. When asked how he felt finally seeing his given name splashed across a record cover, the personable Doyle slid his iPhone from his pocket and proudly showed off a photo taken the first time he held the album in his hands. In it, he wears a goofy grin as wide as the Rock itself.

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thrills me to the bone, still. was, in effect, the motivation behind Doyle decision to issue his first solo record " the music industry vet doesn get the opportunity to do anything for the first time that often anymore.

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But Doyle also wanted to experiment with recording. So he found time to record in a theatre dressing room in Long Beach, Calif., on a beach near Dayton, Fla., at various hotels across the continent, and even on a cruise ship, where Doyle recruited hundreds of his fellow seabound vacationers to add their voices to the mix.

Doyle said his solo excursion will have no impact on the future of the group, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year.

have no voice but my own, and I never have, said Doyle, who turns 43 on Thursday. are times I wish I did " come and sing an Nike Sneakers Shoes For Men

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Nike Shoes Sale Womens

Nike Shoes Sale Womens

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It was Aug. 2, 1993 and he was standing outside his rental house on Suez Street in St. The Doyle family of musicians was, in his words, in his hometown of Petty Harbour, but they tended to perform at weddings, parties and dances. They didn have their own albums, and Doyle never thought it would happen to him either.

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