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Wearing those goofy glasses, no matter how far they have advanced, is a constant reminder that I'm at a movie.

I understand that I am completely on an island here, and that once again the world is passing me by. Clogs are not going to make a comeback and this new technology is here to stay. I can live with it but it doesn't mean I have to like it.

´╗┐Alice in Wonderland

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It isn't Burton; his following is more eclectic and loyal but hardly a throng. Depp has big box office appeal but it's got to be in concert with a winning title. This is clearly a niche picture

pop culture loop. It's done monstrous business. Tim Burton directs the usual suspects Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter et al, and while I don't think it's going to break Sir James's record, it is doing Avatar like business, which I have to think is all because of the technology.

is much darker, and there's this underlying sense of dread. It's a film that could have gotten lost without the gimmick. It's a kids' movie that's too scary for kids and with limited appeal to the grownups. Mix in another dimension, which is quite appropriate given the source material, and away we go.

I Nike Sneaker For Women just don't have to embrace it.

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Part of the problem is that it's technology I can't afford. As a Nike Running Shoes Like Socks

I can watch Alice with a sense of wonder and be impressed by the technology. It really is quite compelling. I remember seeing Andy Warhol's Frankenstein in 3D at the old Capitol Theatre back in my allegedly misspent youth and remember chuckling at the cheesy application of dangling entrails and spears aimed at my eyes. This is so much better than all of that and it really does make sense to have turned this into a 3D extravaganza.

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small business owner, there are certain financial realities and the new 3D would cost about $75,000 $100,000 for the indoor theatres and about $150,000 for the drive in. And that's per screen.

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It really has changed the business of cinemas. The film companies are making fewer 35mm prints because they are very expensive, running from $2,400 $3,900 per print. Something like Avatar with it's three hour running time would have been around $5,000. So there's a huge savings: they're making fewer prints and that means its taking longer to get certain titles.

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Without the new format this would have been Charlie and The Chocolate Factory without the charm. Alice Nike Running Shoes Mens 2017

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Back to this year's model. Alice is older and revisits Wonderland where she's surprised to find out that people remember her. Maybe it's the The Wizard of Oz on acid, and her journey does mirror Dorothy's in a way but this is not the Lion and The Tin Man. All of the inhabitants of Wonderland are messed up and something out of a, well, a Tim Burton movie.

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I have to start by declaring my own particular bias when it comes to 3D movies. I'm not a fan. The best part of going to the movies for me is disappearing into the dark and watching someone else's world unfold.

And while we're at it, what a messed up story. I never liked Alice In Wonderland as a kid. It was weird and scary and didn't really tell a story I was particularly interested in. Smarter people than I suggested it was Lewis Carroll's psychedelic nightmare, and to that end Jefferson Airplane added Go Ask Alice to the lexicon of eternal drug references in White Rabbit.

Which brings us to Alice In Wonderland, and this is how I know I'm out of the Nike Running Shoes For Girls Black And White

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