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Nike Trainers For Girls

"This tells us that the current prevalence of heart health is extremely low," Steven Reis, MD, of the University of Pittsburgh, says in a news release.

way to goal."

Nike Trainers For Girls

Less than 10% of the participants met five or more of the seven criteria, and just 2% met the four heart healthy behaviors.

Nike Trainers For Girls

Nike Trainers For Girls

Tracking Heart HealthThe people evaluated were between the ages of 45 and 75. The mean age was 59. They were all part of Nike Running Shoes Design

Nike Trainers For Girls

Nike Trainers For Girls

African Americans, who made up almost half of the study, had 82% lower odds than whites of meeting five or more of the heart health criteria.

Nike Trainers For Girls

They also must also display three basic markers of heart health: have cholesterol levels below 200, blood pressure under 120/80, and a fasting blood sugar level below 100.

a study called Heart SCORE, for Heart Strategies Concentrating on Risk Evaluation.

The researchers suggest that poor heart health is not as related to lower socioeconomic or educational level as might be supposed. "Although black race emerged as an important determinant of the lack of achievement of cardiovascular health, both whites and blacks have a long Nike Shoes Women Casual

Only one out of 1,933 people evaluated in Pennsylvania's Allegheny County met the American Heart Association's definition of having ideal cardiovascular health.

Nike Trainers For Girls

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´╗┐Aged Hearts Are in Poor Shape

Over 80% of the study participants were overweight or obese, which "likely had a powerful influence on the other behaviors and factors," Reis says in the news release.

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23, 2011 Most Americans have poor heart health by the time they're middle aged, and that's especially true for African Americans, a new study suggests.

Nike Trainers For Girls

The study concludes that the prevalence of ideal cardiovascular health Nike Trainers For Girls "is extremely low in a middle aged community based population."

Nike Trainers For Girls

Nike Trainers For Girls

To achieve an ideal rating, a person must meet four behavior based criteria: be a nonsmoker, not overweight, practice goal based physical activity, and eat a healthy diet.

Nike Trainers For Girls

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