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Nike Trainers Light Blue

Nike Trainers Light Blue

is Sunshine Bob, a thoroughbred who used to race.

The rescue has a fundraiser coming up on Friday, April 13, at Aiken Center for the Arts. They'll be screening the film "Buck" and also raising money for the horses.

Just a few weeks ago they were clinging Nike Running Shoes No Laces

"Every horse that actually comes on the property, I actually look them in the eye and say, 'You know, listen. If you behave yourself, and you act right, and you do right, I'll find you the right home,'" Rhodes said.

Nike Trainers Light Blue

That's why Rhodes said he hopes donations will keep coming in. Without them, many of these horses would end up in processed meat packages. He said he hopes volunteers like Leslie North keep coming in as well. She liked a 6 year old ex racer so much that she adopted him.

"I have a tough time making my feed bill weekly," he said. "The care, the horses, the veterinarian care, the hoof care, the dental care, the hay, the feed and all that stuff there has to be raised by donation and adoption fees."

Nike Trainers Light Blue

"You can tell, he has one eye and that's because he wanted to float out on racing and all that, and the jockey kind of was tapping him and accidentally tapped him in the eye, and he ended up losing his eye," Rhodes said.

Nike Trainers Light Blue

Nike Trainers Light Blue

acre Haven Hills Farm in Aiken. He also runs the nonprofit that helps adopt out the dozens of horses.

Nike Trainers Light Blue

He manages the 90 Nike Running Shoes For Men Red

Jim Rhodes is a man with a noble mission.

to life. They'd been starved by their previous owner. Now, they have food, caring volunteers and a chance for a new life. But it's food that costs money about $2,500 a week in feed and hay for 65 horses and counting.

Nike Trainers Light Blue

He manages Equine Rescue of Aiken off Silver Bluff Road and plans to find the many horses there a new home. If he can't find them one, they'll Nike Trainers Light Blue stay there but the no kill facility is dying for more donations.

"There are the two babies that are getting their little spring cleaning," he said, standing in the stable.

Sunshine Bob and his best friend Wentworth were saved from slaughter by Rhodes and his rescue.

"It's so satisfying. It's life fulfilling," Rhodes said.

One of the horses in Rhodes' care Nike Trainers 6

Nike Trainers Light Blue

Overall, they've adopted out more than 300 horses in only about six years.

Nike Trainers Light Blue

´╗┐Aiken horse rescue continues search for adoptions

Nike Trainers Light Blue

Nike Trainers Light Blue

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