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"You are taking 470 standards that are the best policing practices across the country," explained Moen.

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"It is very nerve wracking for every agency because no matter how many times you have been accredited, when you come to your next on site you never know," Moen said.

First they're checking out the department's physical equipment.

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But for the officers at headquarters Nike Running Shoes 2018 For Girls

been working for this, it's a huge deal.

Aiken Public Safety has had this national recognition since 1998. The assessors will be here until Wednesday, but the department won't find out the results for a couple of months.

But the rest of the week will be more hands on.

"From the outside looking in, most people wouldn't know that we are accredited, they won't know if we are not accredited. But that fact that we are makes us better, makes us more accountable, holds us to a higher standard," Dowdy said.

it, we have everything in place, but we are also ready Nike Trainers Maroon for it to be over; it's stressful week," Dowdy said.

The assessors are making sure Aiken is meeting the national standards and there are a lot of them.

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´╗┐Aiken Department of Public Safety working toward national accreditation

This comes around once every three years, but it's a process that started a long time ago for officers in Aiken. And achieving a higher standard comes with a lot of effort, not mention stress for these public safety officers.

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The law enforcement side of public safety is being evaluated by CALEA for national recognition. And these officers arrived in Aiken Monday with their clipboards ready.

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"They will be doing a lot of ride alongs, they will want to see what we are doing," Dowdy said.

"It is everything from the polices to the uniforms we have to wear, the vehicles, what we have in the those vehicles, it is everything we do on a day to day basis," Dowdy said.

And after it's all done, you might not even notice.

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