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The stretching style I follow is "stretch to win" which is what defranco uses with his athletes. A big thing about this is that when stretching relaxation is very very important (think yoga: breathing + relaxing) however this could get you out of the proper state of mind to lift some heavy things. But I would rather drop my weights a few pounds than risk injury.

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´╗┐After Arguement Archive

Static Stretch holding of a minute for each stretch:10 mins treadmill/elliptical walking (bringing heart rate down below 130)

20 side steps over a bar left and right

I agree Lax crazy, it can have an issue with power, but for someone who's flexibility is more of an issue and inhibits their ability to do a full ROM then it's paramount that static stretching be done to bring this up to par. My shift changes later in the week as I loosen up more in various body parts or if I've had a massage.

been doing ths P90x thing for a few weeks now, and the warm up is like 3 min. then like 3 4 min. or stretching, then hit the workout hard for like 45 minutes. after, its about 2 min of cool down and then a few minutes of stretching then ur done.

You need a warm up before and a cool down after, with stretching both times. you are essentially hitting your peak of performance in your workout, the maximum amount of effort you can put fourth, so you need to warm up stretch to built up to that point, and perpare your body to get there (safely). Also, once you reach the peak of your physical limits, you shouldnt just walk off the field/out of the gym and sit down. you need to come down gradually, and cool down and then stretch, to ensure that your muscles are getting proper blood flow oxygen and all that good stuff. Also, it gives your heart a chance to go from, metaphorically, a 'full sprint' to a 'jog' then to a 'walk', then back to normal speed. going from your max. bpm (beats per min.) to normal in an instant is just nto good for your body, let alone your heart.

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I've Nike Running Shoes Girls

20 side steps under a bar focusing on rotating at the hips left and right

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I do something similar to LM. I do the jump rope, foam roll, dyanmic/activation work. However I also stretch anything that feels tight and/or is a problem area, or an area that has been holding back your flexibility.

07 10 2010, 11:54 AM

Lifting requires just as much mobility if not more then most athletics. Since most athletics require shortened range of motions for a lot of movements (think basic running stride versus full lunge).

quick warm up then stretch before, cool down longer stretch after.

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07 10 2010, 08:45 AM

Earlier this year, my instructor who taught me Nike Trainers Low

20 Hips swings left/right (open/close) with each leg

the basics of lifting brought up something I'd never heard of. He said to stretch AFTER the workout instead of before. He used a rubber band illustration to explain. If you stretch before a workout, its like pulling on a cold rubber band; not very helpful and increasing chances at an injury. He Nike Trainers Mens Cheap said if you stretch after (warm rubber band), you will be able to stretch farther, reduce soreness, and prevent future injuries. I did a little research and found arguements both ways. Teams at the college and professional level even stretch before a game. However, I believe this is a bad move and that you should probably just jog a lap and do some warm up drills before a game, not stretch. Any opinions, comments?

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true if you're working out/lifting/playing a game. if u jog a lap, then you're warm, so the 'rubber band' is warm, and ready to be stretched. soo there goes that illustration.

There is a difference in warmups before lifting and warmups before a game or practice. When lifting, most lifts require more strength or power than overall mobility. Therefore, doing an extended dynamic warmup will not be of much use. A light dynamic warmup simply to increase blood flow and an easy static stretch is best. After working out, a heavy static stretch will help increase flexibility and long term help prevent injury. Before a game, where the raw power needed is not as significant as opposed to the need for quickness and coordination, longer dynamic warmups followed by easy static stretches in problem or tight areas is best, followed by a heavier post game stretch again to increase flexibility. Inbetween, it's always good to static stretch when you get a chance. Early in the morning, maybe an hour before a workout, after lunch, and before bed. The more you stretch, the more flexible you will become, and the fewer injuries you will have

Same should hold Nike Trainers Sale Mens

something that LM has not mentioned which is a has picked up some headway in the Dynamic vs. Static argument is that static stretching pre explosive/power lifting has been shown to lower force output, but on the flip side you can put yourself at a greater risk for injury if you don't.

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Trust me dude, stretch before , stretch after, be healthy, feel good, oh yeah.

I do less static stretching pre workout than LM does, but I do far more mobility work than he does pre workout so it kind of makes up for it. I usually stretch: chest, groin (from cycling this thing is always tight) hip flexors, lats, tres minor/infraspinatus.

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