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to revert to the use of a 2012 Canadian Lacrosse Association approved cage ("2012 Cage").

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1. That until further resolution or direction from the CLA, all Major players in Alberta (Junior and above) shall be permitted to wear the masks they were entitled to wear in 2012 as detailed in Schedule 'A'

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Nike Trainers Pink And Black

to wearing their old face masks and not wear the newly mandated Gait or OTNY masks that so many players are concerned about. If it passes, and we're being told it should, it would then be passed on to the CLA who would have the final say.

Before any player can wear a 2012 Cage he or she must complete the attached waiver form. A waiver is only effective if it is administered properly. In each case a player choosing to Nike Trainers Pink And Black wear a 2012 Cage must sign a waiver form in front of a team manager. In addition, the team manger must ensure the player takes the time to read the document. The team manager must also warn the player they are waiving their rights, including the right to sue. Finally, if the player is

´╗┐Alberta Lacrosse approves waiver for both Junior a

assist the team, club, ALA and referees from assuming any liability should there be an injury.

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2. The forgoing is subject to the approval by the ALA insurer and the proper execution of a waiver form, or similar form, attached as Schedule 'B' hereto.

On May 25, 2013 the ALA received confirmation from its insurers the use of non?CSA masks would not void its policy or result in an exclusion of liability.

AND WHEREAS the safety of lacrosse players is of paramount importance to the ALA. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED:

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WHEREAS the Canadian Lacrosse Association ("CLA") introduced Canadian Standards Association approved masks at the major level of box lacrosse for the 2013 season;

In accordance with a resolution passed by the Executive Committee of the Alberta Lacrosse Association please find enclosed a copy of a Waiver and Indemnity form to be utilized in the event a Major player decides Nike Trainers Grey

AND WHEREAS numerous and significant injuries have been occurring to player's chin and facial areas since the introduction of the masks to the major level of lacrosse;

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AND WHEREAS the Alberta lacrosse Association ("ALA") has questioned the CLA about the history, creation and development of the new mask and those questions have not, to date, been answered;

The Resolution reads as follows:

As members of the Canadian Lacrosse Association continue to meet in Manitoba, associations across Canada are starting to take matters into their own hands to ensure their players' safety and the Albertans are leading the way. In a memo obtained by IL Indoor, the Alberta Lacrosse Association has voted to institue a waiver that would allow players at both the Junior and Senior levels to go back Nike Trainers Womens Grey And Pink

Once a waiver is signed it must be emailed or faxed to the ALA office. In addition, the team must keep copies of the waiver forms on the bench. Any questions may be referred to the ALA Executive Director.

Any altered waiver will not be accepted and the player will be obliged to wear the CLA approved 2013 cages. In addition, in the event any of the above instructions are not carried out the player will not be allowed to wear a 2012 Cage.

Nike Trainers Pink And Black

Nike Trainers Pink And Black

under the age of eighteen he or she must obtain the consent of their parent/ legal guardian. The foregoing steps are very important and will Nike Running Shoes Cheap Online

Nike Trainers Pink And Black

Following is the official memo sent out by ALA executive director Lisa Grant:

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