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victim said she accepted this was the way life had to be so her Nike Trainers Cream

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and criminal damage.

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the victim only came forward after knowing Bavage was secure in jail.

parents and sister would be safe, Mr Gibson said.

Crown Prosecutor Ray Gibson said Bavage was dominating and aggressive toward the victim from 2004 onward.

After a fight about the woman contacting her parents, Bavage dragged her into the bathroom, punched her to the nose and told her it was her fault he hit her, Mr Gibson said.

get anxiety, I get very scared . I feel Jeff is still out there watching me, she said.

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He said Bavage had faced real prospect he may never live to see the outside of prison again and argued the sentence should be moderated as it would have been partially cumulated had it been dealt with at the time of the other offences.

County Court Judge Geoffrey Chettle yesterday described the behaviour of Jeffrey Peter Bavage, 52, as an terrorist campaign to isolate, intimidate and oppress the woman.

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Today sentence will add to his current 21 year jail term for 14 sexual offences including against a seven year old girl at a Torquay caravan park in 2007.

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have a lot of nightmares [where] I feel like I reliving it all over again.

said if she left him he would hunt her down and hurt her. woman victim Nike Trainers Shoes Cheap impact statement, which was read to the court, spoke of her pain and withdrawal from society.

only hope this pain will ease over time. Stanton said Bavage had been the victim of domestic violence as a child and hadn recovered from the death of his brother and mother while he was young.

feel like a prisoner in my own home.

Mr Gibson said Bavage raped the woman after accusing her of wasting food from a meal and destroyed the woman heirloom ring.

The court heard Bavage was originally charged with a raft of offences against the victim, but a plea bargain was accepted after the matter was listed for trial.

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Bavage, 52, of Barwon Prison, pleaded guilty to rape, common assault Nike Sneakers For Men Black

´╗┐against rape victim

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