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50, said: "It seems a long time to be waiting but you can understand why they have to check everything.

flats, known as Kenneth House, said: "I had my stuff in the dryer this morning. I went to get my clothes but a good tune came on DJ Hixxy, Shooting Star so I thought I'd wait a while.

The fire service's urban search and rescue team from Leicester had three lorries on site to assist with clearing the rubble and fire search dogs were used to ensure nobody was trapped in the building.

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"I started shouting to see if there was anyone in there, but couldn't hear anyone."

Another resident, Hazel Coombes, 36, a car window fitter, said: "I heard a big explosion and thought a lorry had hit the building.

Terry Lambert, incident commander for Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service, said the fire was caused by a hot water pressure vessel which should turn off when a thermostat reads that it has reached a certain temperature.

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Nike Trainers That Light Up

Nike Trainers That Light Up

Chris, who was staying with a friend in the Nike Running Shoes Female

"I saw Chris Smith walking away from the laundry. He said it's exploded, Nike Trainers That Light Up and I rang the emergency services.

"The boiler and the two dryers are virtually new they've only been there three months."

"I'm just happy that nobody was in the building when it decided to blow up.

a hell of shock and the whole building shook.

"It's scary because it could have happened any time and someone could have been in there.

Witnesses said that before the blast the laundry block was about the size of a small garage. It was a one storey building with a flat roof with two washers, two dryers, a sink and a hot water boiler.

"When it was finished I went outside and saw the laundry block was gone.

"I went outside and the launderette was gone.

"The highest things left standing were the wheelie bins.

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"There was no fire or anything, it was just 'boom' and that was it."

´╗┐Agard Street explosion in Derby

As he was waiting to be let back into his flat, resident Mark Robins, Nike Shoes Running 2018

Flats resident Chris Bottomley, 55, said: "I heard an almighty bang. It was Nike Running Shoes 2018 Men

Nike Trainers That Light Up

Residents from the flats and staff from the Friar Gate Surgery were evacuated and put up at a community centre in nearby Bridge Street until the cordon was lifted at 4.30pm.

Nike Trainers That Light Up

Nike Trainers That Light Up

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