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Nike Trainers Tumblr

Nike Trainers Tumblr

New York, NY, January 17th, 2011: What does lacrosse at Syracuse University (SU), professional Muay Nike Running Shoes Boys

Inside Lacrosse will be running the first 5 episodes up until this coming Wednesday when IL brings you a fresh never before seen episode. From then on, check in every Wednesday for a first hand look at the latest "Chronicles of McGonigle" episode to air.

said Sean motivates him in a unique way. "I try to work with and around people who inspire me to try new things. Sean has done that since the day that I met him which makes this project such a fun one. I think anyone who engages in this series and watches will get the same feeling that I have been getting from him for years. Plus, the tie in between our brand, Adrenaline, and the off the wall stunts Sean has incorporated into his videos make it an even better fit."

His firsthand account will take viewers on a journey fueled by his desire to partake in everything put in front of him, and features a variety of countries in Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Malaysia. Currently, the action packed trailer is available for viewing on the Adrenaline Lacrosse site, where the remainder of the episodes will be released once a week. In turn, I hope the show will provide inspiration for people who have the desire, but somehow lack the commitment, to embark on their own journeys of discovery. asked about Seans journey, Parker Anger, President of Adrenaline Apparel, Nike Running Shoes Red And White

Nike Trainers Tumblr

Nike Trainers Tumblr

We want to help evolve the sport of lacrosse in a respectful way by providing a product of substance and value. By building our company around these paradigms, we are able to make items that have a deeper meaning than something to simply clothe yourself with.

Check out the Press Release and of course the Trailer Vid/Episode 1 below:

Nike Trainers Tumblr

Nike Trainers Tumblr

Thai in Thailand, and surfing waves of consequence in Indonesia have in common? Before Chronicles of McGonigle, not much.

Nike Trainers Tumblr

Traveling without much planning or a map, McGonigle navigated his way around Southeast Asia mainly by word of mouth recommendations. In an effort to stretch his savings as far as he possibly could, he lived in a hammock, found work on a sailboat for six weeks (despite never having crewed on one before), and got paid to compete in the Thai National Sport: Muay Thai. An interesting change of pace for a man accustomed to the rigors of Division I athletics.

working various summer lacrosse camps, and embarked on his adventure.

Nike Trainers Tumblr

From jumping in gator pits, Muay Thai fighting, train surfing, to cultural experiences like Angkor Wat, Asian Markets, and everything in between. The Chronicles of McGonigle will knock your Adrenaline socks off.

Nike Trainers Tumblr

Nike Trainers Tumblr

Adrenaline partnered with Two Time Men NCAA Lacrosse Division I National Champion, Sean McGonigle, to film a New Adventure Series titled: Presents The Chronicles of McGonigle, where Sean documents his travels through Southeast Asia. After graduation, he took to the road; destination: Southeast Asia. Adrenaline Lacrosse helped fund a portion of McGonigle travels, and in return he filmed his trip. Now set to be released as an action packed series, Chronicles of McGonigle will follow McGonigle 10 month foray in search of himself and his discoveries along the way.

Nike Trainers Tumblr

Chronicles of McGonigle has been crafted to appeal to viewers in that it offers a firsthand account of a journey that was both adrenaline filled, as well as an opportunity for spiritual growth. The curiosity McGonigle has toward the people and customs of Southeast Asia is evident in the videos, and provides Nike Trainers Tumblr a unique portal into the lives of those he meets along the way. Younger viewers will be drawn to his daring exploits, including the training behind his professional Muay Thai fights. The 11 part series promises to be an adventure packed, adrenaline filled experience.

The mission of Adrenaline Apparel is to maintain our core roots while pushing the boundaries of clothing design in a tasteful, authentic, and timeless way. We strive to support the individualism in a team sport recognizing that greater diversity makes the whole stronger.

As a treat today, IL and Adrenaline bring you the official "Chronicles of McGonigle" trailer as well as the very first episode, where Sean kills some time in Venice Beach before embarking on his journey to Asia.

´╗┐Adrenaline Presents The Chronicles of McGonigle

A member of the back to back NCAA Division I Championship Men Lacrosse Team for SU, two time National Champion Sean McGonigle followed up his graduation by flying to Bali, where he embarked on a 10 month journey throughout Southeast Asia. Adrenaline Lacrosse sponsored a portion of his trip, and in exchange he filmed his journey, turning his experiences into a forthcoming Web based mini series titled Chronicles of McGonigle Asia Edition. journey, completed on a shoestring budget, took him in search of the perfect wave in Indonesia, training to fight professionally in Thailand, visiting the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, taking flight on the world highest bungee jump in Macau, and everything else in between. From crazy stunts like surfing to jumping into alligator pits, to cultural glimpses of temples and traditional markets, Chronicles of McGonigle covers a broad spectrum and has something to offer anyone seeking to experience other cultures and extreme adventures. Morgan, and from Nike Women Running Shoes Neon

Nike Trainers Tumblr

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