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"My calendar is starting to get pretty packed here, but we do have quite a few availabilities even in the short term to get coverage either for April 1st or May 1st," Boynton said.

The deadline to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act is March 31st, but Fierberg says the sooner you get signed up, the better.

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"I have been having regularly steady back to back interviews for the past several days," Boynton said.

couple weeks left to sign up before the March 31st open enrollment period ends.

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If you don have health insurance, you only have a Nike Running Shoes Sale Womens

´╗┐Affordable Care Act Deadline

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Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services said.

As a certified application counselor, Russell Boynton answers people questions about enrolling in the health insurance Marketplace. Over the last few weeks, he seen a dramatic increase in calls.

"Let be honest. Human nature being what it is the last week is going to be crazy. I would expect the last week there will be pretty long waits on the phone line. There may even be times when the website, which is working just fine now, simply is overwhelmed with the number of people trying to get on simultaneously," Fierberg said.

Still, out of the 118,000 eligible South Dakotans, only around 7,000 people have picked a plan under the Marketplace. That the second lowest number in the nation.

"Even the people who aren eligible for financial assistance are eligible to go pick a plan. Legally," Fierberg said. You can also get help from people like Boynton.

"There could be a number of reasons for this. One of Nike Women Sneakers Black those I think is that there are a lot of misperceptions in South Dakota. There been a lot of misinformation that has been spread," Mike Fierberg from the Nike Mens Trainers

Right now, South Dakota has some of the lowest enrollment numbers on the Marketplace in the country.

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One misconception some people have is that they not eligible for insurance through the Marketplace.

"We want everyone who Nike Sneakers For Women White

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is uninsured to be insured," Fierberg said.

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Which is why Boynton expects a busy couple weeks.

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