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"Domestic violence for example is all about power and control and so this type of system allows the victim to take back some control in their life and really empowers them to move on and keep themselves safe," Heeren Graber said.

Heeren Graber is on the board overseeing the system set up.

for offenders.

"At times we have not done the best job of timely notification, things happen in a criminal proceeding quickly, there human error. We want to try to do away with some of those errors and make a timely and efficient notification to the people that really need to know what going on in their cases," Jackley said.

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The system is called SAVIN (State Automated Victim Information Notification) and it was passed as part of the sweeping criminal justice reform approved by the legislature earlier this year.

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Forty other states currently have this type of system in place. It will not only provide notification to victims, but also to family Nike Womens Trainers Sale members of the offender and members of the public can also sign up for the alerts.

"This system is going to save lives and so we very Nike Trainers Rainbow

Dakota is currently setting up a system which will send instant information to victims cell phones or computers about important developments in their cases.

"Now we have so much technology available to have this kind of information at our fingertips," Krista Heeren Graber Executive Director of the South Dakota Network Against Domestic Violence said.

´╗┐Alert And Protect

"The victim can actually sign up for whatever form of notification they want. It could be a text message, it could be an email, it could be snail mail, all sorts of technology ways to give them information about what happening in their case," South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley said.

The system can also notify victims of court dates and parole hearings Nike Shoes For Men With Price

SIOUX FALLS, SD We carry around technology in our pockets all day long and we demand information instantly.

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Nike Womens Trainers Sale

Nike Womens Trainers Sale

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"It really a safety issue. It lets the victim know if the person is going to be released, what happening with the person, how they can plan accordingly," Heeren Graber said.

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Nike Womens Trainers Sale

excited about this and being part of the whole process in developing it," Heeren Graber said.

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