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Base Commander Col. Chris Short said if they don't act now to get the water rights, the base might not be able to build the pipeline when it's needed in the future.

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to do that, and the military doesn't see it as a major priority.

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A water call is when someone owning older rights feels they are not getting enough supply. They can, with backing from the state, force those with newer rights to curtail, or even stop their water use all together.

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MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (KBOI) Mountain Home Air Force Base could be in danger of closing because of dwindling ground water supply. The time to fix the issue is running out.

MHAFB is one of the largest employers in the state bringing in nearly a billion dollars to Idaho's economy every year.

That could also be expensive. Water rights would cost anywhere from $3 7 million. The pipeline and water treatment could cost the military $30 50 million. State leaders say it would be a small price to pay for keeping the base here.

´╗┐Air base could close due to water supply running Nike Trainers From The 90s

access to the water.

Water managers have known about the issue for over 30 years, Sneakers Nike For Women but it's now getting to a point where it could put the base on the federal chopping block.

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"Would the City of Mountain Home still be here without the Air Force base," Rist said. "I think in some form we would. Would we have 14,000 people living here no. I cannot possibly see how that would happen."

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"As we got closer to 30 years we could creep up in priority for the Air Force, but by that time there might not be any water rights to purchase," said Col. Short.

An Air Force study shows the base has a 30 year supply of water left. To fix the issue, the base would need to pump water from the Snake River, and treat it at the base. The problem is they have to own water rights Nike Running Shoes Cheap Online

The economic impact of the base closing would not only hurt the state, but also the city of Mountain Home.

Others like Mountain Home Mayor Tom Rist think the amount of time left to fix the problem is more around ten years. He thinks one of the issues not being taken into consideration are water calls which could cut off supply much sooner.

That's why local and state leaders and trying to team up with the military to fix the problem. The state is hoping to secure the water rights now. So when the base needs to build a pipeline years from now they will have legal Nike Trainers Id

"I don't believe what they are taking into consideration are priority dates and water calls," Rist said. "When water starts to become scarce you know there are going to be water calls."

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Sneakers Nike For Women

Sneakers Nike For Women

Col. Short said the military also has stake in keeping the base in Idaho because of the open range for flying. They have less restrictions on air space which helps in their training.

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