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She said: "I had a blast that day even though the result was not good so I'm very excited about going again.

Joanne said the last time she went to Wembley was in 1994 to watch Derby County play Leicester City in the then Division One play off final. The Rams lost 2 1.

Singapore with husband Nick, 52, and son Charlie, 13, is among hundreds of Rams fans making the journey from overseas to watch Derby County fight for promotion to the Premier League.

But she said she was embarking on her mammoth journey because she had been a Rams fan for as long as she could remember.

"Because this coincides with the match, he's going to pop over from Paris for the day, then head back and fly over to Cameroon.

´╗┐Air we go as Derby County fans jet in from all over the world

"I know it's crazy but I'm really excited," said former Rolls Royce worker Joanne, who will be flying more than 6,000 miles.

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"We've all been really excited watching the Rams climb the table this season and, as the weeks have gone by, increase their chances of being in the play offs.

But she will be one of very few, if any, who are meeting their husband in London for the match after he has travelled on a separate flight.

the Rams are promoted is that we will be able to watch more of their matches Women Nike Shoes Black on TV in Australia.

Women Nike Shoes Black

Women Nike Shoes Black


"As it came closer to the end of the season, I announced to all my Derby buddies: 'If they get through to Wembley, I'm coming for the day' so that'll teach me!

"And I'm so glad one of my best friends and avid Rams supporter Elaine Newall managed to get me a ticket for Wembley she's a star.

But, in between, the 50 year old will have been in the air for almost 27 hours; spent 17 hours in the UK and watched Derby County play for at least 90 Nike Trainers Womens Black And White

Joanne said: "It's great out here but, while you can take the girl out of Derby, you can't take Derby out of the girl.

Some fans from Australia are braving 24 hour flights to watch their beloved Rams, including Nathan Wilson, 35, from Sydney. By the time he reads this story, he will have landed in the UK after a 10,000 mile plus flight which he started yesterday and which stopped off in Dubai.

"I can remember going to the Baseball Ground in my 20s, standing in the Pop Side watching the games they were really happy days.

Joanne said: "It's a bit strange, because Nick is not really coming with me but actually he is. He has a business trip in Africa and is flying there from Singapore but is stopping off in between in Paris.

John Coleman, from Queensland, has arrived in the UK with his son David, 19, for the match and will be flying back on Monday. The 51 year old, originally from Mackworth, went to live in Australia about 10 years ago, but said some of earliest memories are of Derby County and he often books holidays around matches.

Women Nike Shoes Black

He said: "What will be really exciting if Nike Running Shoes Names

"But I'm convinced they are going to win 3 0 I'm not even thinking about what the flight back will be like if they don't win."

WHEN the 24 hour countdown until Derby County play QPR in the Championship play off final begins tomorrow, Joanne Williams will still not have boarded her plane to London.

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"It's our son who is miffed because I couldn't really justify bringing him on this crazy journey but he is also a keen supporter but I've told him, when's he old enough and earning money, he can do it as often as he likes."

Women Nike Shoes Black

Women Nike Shoes Black

Women Nike Shoes Black

And, less than a day after the final whistle blows at Wembley Stadium on Saturday, she will already be back at her home in Singapore.

The 35 year old, originally from West Hallam, moved Down Under about 10 and a half years ago. But Nathan, who had a season ticket when he lived in the UK, said he has never forgotten about his favourite club and regularly keeps track of them overseas. Nathan, who will fly back next Wednesday, said: "It's a small sacrifice but, if the Rams can win, it will definitely be worth it!

"I can't confess to knowing everything about football or even everything about Derby County but I love it, the banter, the excitement, the atmosphere and the wins.

Women Nike Shoes Black

Women Nike Shoes Black

"And, later, at Pride Park, I spent a season stewarding which was great fun albeit very cold some days standing there for almost five hours and spending all my earnings on thermal underwear!"

Joanne, who lives in Nike Running Shoes For Women Blue And Pink

"I'm really excited about the match but I want the time to go slowly because it's nice to be here and to be looking forward to the match."

"I've always wanted to go to the new Wembley to see Derby County play there and, if may not happen again for a while, so this was the chance to do it."

Joanne moved to Hong Kong from the UK eight years ago because of her husband's job with Rolls Royce and then to Singapore.

"And I'm hoping I won't really have the chance to get jet lag because I'll be in and out of the UK quite quickly plus I'm sure the adrenaline will keep me going."

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